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Customised refrigeration system – Light Commercial Vehicles

Need a tailored transport refrigeration equipment solution?

Our customer purchased an Isuzu D Max to transport fresh meat produce from a regional country farm to a metropolitan destination. We applied our customised refrigeration system and engineering expertise and applied solutions to the body panels in order to reduce the coefficient of heat transfer.

The produce was to be refrigerated at a specific temperature to meet food safety standards set by the statutory authority.

The restricted space requirements of the D Max meant that a condensing assembly was unable to be mounted on the front of the body.

We engineered a solution to meet the customer’s requirements by mounting Transair refrigeration system componentry in the side of the vehicle together with assembling and mounting a 2 fan heat exchanger in the roof of the body.

Further our customer required a 240 volt plug in system with on-road refrigeration capabilities.

Drawing on our experience with low voltage circuits, transformers and electrical schematics we were able to integrate into the thermodynamic system, electrical control and power circuits to meet the needs of our customer within the restricted space.


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Customised refrigeration system – Trucks

Customised Truck refrigeration systems

Our customer uses truck refrigeration systems to transport dry and cold freight around metropolitan cities in eastern Australia.

Their cold freight operations are being combined with their dry freight deliveries.

In order to meet the needs of their cold freight transport, our customer required a chiller and freezer compartment located in the rear section of the body.

The evaporator/(Indoor unit) was mounted some 9 metres away from the condensing assembly (outdoor unit).

In the design phase of the system we had to consider factors such as pressure drop of the refrigerant and the flow of oil returning to the compressors due to the length of the suction line.

Using our technical experience at Transair Refrigeration we were able to manage and mitigate adverse factors surrounding the use of long suction lines and developed a robust cooling system to meet the stringent demands of our customer.


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Insulated Van Bodies

Van Insulation Specialist

An integral component in transport refrigeration are the thermal properties for the insulation of a refrigerated van.

The same may be said for a panel on a refrigerated truck body.

Values are used to define the thermal qualities of insulation. In transport refrigeration the value is referred to as the K factor.

The K value measures the ability of the insulation to resist the conductivity of heat.

In any refrigeration and air conditioning application it is critical these values are defined and maximised otherwise your application may not achieve the desired temperature.

Together with our broad experience and knowledge of the sciences in air conditioning and refrigeration applications, Transair Refrigeration is able to ensure you correctly select the right insulation technologies in the construction of your insulated van or refrigerated truck body.


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Large Truck Refrigeration Installation

Large Refrigerated Truck 39 to 71 cubic metres 20 pallet capacity

Reliable temperature-controlled trucks play an essential role in ensuring the freshness and safety of your perishable goods when transporting them across the country. 

These trucks keep your cargo at its optimum climate throughout its journey. 

We specialise in the supply of Large truck refrigerated units across NSW, including all custom design configurations needed to maximize your trucks capacity. For years, our transport refrigeration equipment has been known for its reliability, fast pull-down in temperatures, high refrigeration wattage, and functionality.

Our Large Truck configurations come with the following refrigeration specifications:

  • Off-Engine drive and diesel configurations
  • Our off-engine drive solutions produce no emissions and offer fuel economy.
  • Swash plate and scroll compressor technologies
  • Electric standby option is available.
  • Quiet operation
  • Slim line or cubic evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast pull-down and recovery times upon doors opening
  • Programmable defrost cycles
  • All coils in the truck refrigeration system are corrosion resistant

Our refrigerated units are specifically built to play a huge role in today’s economic and large-scale transport market. They have been used for the transportation of frozen food in a refrigerated vehicle, dairy products in a milk transport vehicle, vegetables and fruits in a fresh goods transport vehicle, and the vaccine market to ensure that they remain safe and effective.


Refrigerated medium size trucksevaporator slim line

Medium Truck Refrigeration Installation

Medium Refrigerated Truck 22 to 39 cubic metres 10 pallet capacity

Our Medium Truck configurations come with the following specifications:

  • Off-Engine drive and diesel configurations
  • Our off-engine drive solutions produce no emissions.
  • Scroll compressor technologies are incorporated into our electric standby option.
  • Chiller or freezer configurations and separate compartments if required
  • Brushless fans
  • Low noise operation
  • Slim line or cubic evaporators
  • Simple to maintain
  • Fast pull down and recovery times upon doors opening
  • All refrigeration cycles are programmed.
  • Corrosion resistant condensing and evaporator coils


Transair semi trailer refrigeration system

Semi Trailer Refrigeration Installation

High quality semi 71 to 99 cubic metre capacity 28 pallet capacity

As food transport refrigeration plays a critical role in the country’s economic sustainability, we at Trainsair continue to form partnerships with multinational distributors in order to provide the best and latest services to our partners and clients.


small truck refrigeration units installationTransport refrigeration equipment

Small Truck Refrigeration Installation

Small Truck up to 22 cubic metres 6 Pallet capacity

We refrigerate small refrigerated trucks.

Our Small Trucks come with the following specifications:

  • Off-Engine drive configuration.
  • Nil emissions.
  • Swash plate and scroll compressor technologies
  • Industry leading electric standby option
  • Chiller or freezer specifications
  • Quiet operation
  • Slim line or cubic evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast pull down and recovery times
  • Programmable refrigeration cycles
  • Corrosion resistant condensing and evaporator coils


Refrigeration Repairs for Truck Unitscondenser unit MK858


Repairs, Service and Fibreglass Repairs

At Transair Refrigeration we aim to minimize expensive system malfunctioning costs through experience and our involvement in the engineering process of transport refrigeration equipment.

With many of our units already providing refrigeration on Australian roads, we see minimal repair work all year round.

Nevertheless we still service all equipment to support your business.

If you are having issues with an existing system we are able to fully diagnose the problem and offer a cost effective solution.


refrigerated uteUTE Refrigeration services

Ute Refrigeration Installation

Refrigerated Ute Specialist

Refrigerated utes have become an efficient mode of transport for the distribution and delivery of fresh produce and perishable goods around the country. They are customisable, thermally-efficient, and purposely designed for multiple functions in order to keep your deliveries in top condition.

To maintain the quality of your products while in transit, we offer a wide range of refrigerated utes that are made to suit any business needs. We specialise in the supply of high quality refrigerated utes including all custom design configuration needed to keep your products fresh and frozen.  All of our freezer utes use lightweight and highly durable insulation materials that are built to maintain quality.

Planning to convert your utes into freezer utes? Our team of experts will provide you with all the transport solutions needed for your specific requirements. Our ute configurations include:

  • Thermally insulated truck body
  • Direct drive compressors
  •  Scroll compressor technologies
  • Electric standby options
  • Chiller or freezer specifications
  • Slim line evaporators
  • Cubic evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast pull down and recovery
  • All condensing and evaporator coils are resistant to corrosion

We take pride in our ute refrigeration and installation services as our experts have meticulously designed systems that would perfectly fit the needs of any client. They have carefully calculated the components needed in order to provide the required temperature for your fresh, frozen, and deep frozen products without compromising the vehicle’s fuel consumption performance.


refrigerated vanscubic evaportor for van refrigeration

Van Refrigeration Specialist

Looking for Specialists for Van Refrigeration Installation?

At Transair Refrigeration, we specialise in the supply of insulated and refrigerated vans Sydney, Australia-wide. We also provide a wide array of premium services such as installation, conversion and custom design configuration for your transport vehicle.

About our Refrigerated Vans

Transair Refrigeration provides world-class services to all types of vehicles, particularly in the installation of van refrigeration. The company has been duly recognised for its ability to address the demands of mechanical refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Refrigerated vans designed by Transair Refrigeration are known for their reliability, functionality, high refrigeration wattage, fast pull down in temperature, and excellent quality of van fiberglass insulation.

Refrigeration Van Specifications

To provide premium quality services, our refrigerated vans come with the following specifications:

  • Off-engine drive configurations for any van units
  • Swash plate, scroll and hermetic reciprocating compressor technologies
  • Industry leading electric Standby option
  • Chiller or freezer configurations (including separate compartments)
  • Brushless fans
  • Superior refrigerated van performance at a noiseless operating condition
  • Market standard Slim line or Cubic Evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast refrigerated van temperature pull-down and quick recovery upon door opening
  • Automatic van refrigeration defrost cycle (programmable)
  • Manual set point adjustment for van refrigeration temperature settings
  • Condensing units mounted on the roof or under the vehicle
  • Highly reliable corrosion resistant condensing and evaporator coils
  • Fiberglass insulation to maximise refrigerated van load