Customised refrigeration system – Light Commercial Vehicles

Need a tailored transport refrigeration equipment solution?

Our customer purchased an Isuzu D Max to transport fresh meat produce from a regional country farm to a metropolitan destination. We applied our customised refrigeration system and engineering expertise and applied solutions to the body panels in order to reduce the coefficient of heat transfer.

The produce was to be refrigerated at a specific temperature to meet food safety standards set by the statutory authority.

The restricted space requirements of the D Max meant that a condensing assembly was unable to be mounted on the front of the body.

We engineered a solution to meet the customer’s requirements by mounting Transair refrigeration system componentry in the side of the vehicle together with assembling and mounting a 2 fan heat exchanger in the roof of the body.

Further our customer required a 240 volt plug in system with on-road refrigeration capabilities.

Drawing on our experience with low voltage circuits, transformers and electrical schematics we were able to integrate into the thermodynamic system, electrical control and power circuits to meet the needs of our customer within the restricted space.




Transair Refrigeration offers tailored refrigeration solutions for light commercial vehicles. Our customised refrigeration systems include body panel modifications to reduce heat transfer, a side-mounted refrigeration system, a two-fan heat exchanger in the roof, and a 240V plug-in system with on-road capabilities. Our expertise ensures compliance with food safety standards and efficient use of restricted space.