Insulated Van Bodies

Van Insulation Specialist

An integral component in transport refrigeration are the thermal properties for the insulation of a refrigerated van.

The same may be said for a panel on a refrigerated truck body.

Values are used to define the thermal qualities of insulation. In transport refrigeration the value is referred to as the K factor.

The K value measures the ability of the insulation to resist the conductivity of heat.

In any refrigeration and air conditioning application it is critical these values are defined and maximised otherwise your application may not achieve the desired temperature.

Together with our broad experience and knowledge of the sciences in air conditioning and refrigeration applications, Transair Refrigeration is able to ensure you correctly select the right insulation technologies in the construction of your insulated van or refrigerated truck body.




For the van insulation, we work closely with refrigerated truck body builders, suppliers of insulated panels and materials to ensure you receive a product that performs beyond your expectations.

Talk to us today and we will help you design an insulated van or truck body to meet your stringent transport temperature controlled application.