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At Transair Refrigeration, we specialise in the supply of insulated and refrigerated vans Sydney, Australia-wide. We also provide a wide array of premium services such as installation, conversion and custom design configuration for your transport vehicle.

About our Refrigerated Vans

Transair Refrigeration provides world-class services to all types of vehicles, particularly in the installation of van refrigeration. The company has been duly recognised for its ability to address the demands of mechanical refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Refrigerated vans designed by Transair Refrigeration are known for their reliability, functionality, high refrigeration wattage, fast pull down in temperature, and excellent quality of van fiberglass insulation.

Refrigeration Van Specifications

To provide premium quality services, our refrigerated vans come with the following specifications:

  • Off-engine drive configurations for any van units
  • Swash plate, scroll and hermetic reciprocating compressor technologies
  • Industry leading electric Standby option
  • Chiller or freezer configurations (including separate compartments)
  • Brushless fans
  • Superior refrigerated van performance at a noiseless operating condition
  • Market standard Slim line or Cubic Evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast refrigerated van temperature pull-down and quick recovery upon door opening
  • Automatic van refrigeration defrost cycle (programmable)
  • Manual set point adjustment for van refrigeration temperature settings
  • Condensing units mounted on the roof or under the vehicle
  • Highly reliable corrosion resistant condensing and evaporator coils
  • Fiberglass insulation to maximise refrigerated van load




Van Refrigeration Installation Available in Sydney

Our team specialises in the insulation and van refrigeration installation of the following vehicle units:

Toyota Hiace Van Refrigeration Installation

Toyota Hiace
Toyota Hiace has always been the go-to model for businesses in Sydney as it is one of the most reliable and dependable refrigerated van options. It’s known to transport a large quantity of goods without impacting operational logistics. With our team of specialists supporting you through the setup of insulation and refrigeration, rest assured this vehicle will provide you with durability, reliability and comfort in transit.

Mercedes Benz Van Refrigeration Installation

Mercedes Benz
Well known for its luxury performance, you can expect nothing but the best from Mercedes Benz. Its state of the art roof-mounted cooling system and double seals in the cargo area doors ensure fuel-efficiency and premium insulation. In case you need a cool, functional, yet economical refrigerated van for transport around Sydney and nationwide, Mercedes Benz is an excellent way to go.

Ford Transit

Ford Transit refrigeration
Ford Transit is designed to suit the needs of your business. With customised options, you can easily choose the exact configuration and specs that fit your line of work – from van height, length, cargo doors, engine, and wheel balance. Ford has been leading the market owing to its great value, reliability, and drivability – the essential qualities needed for a high quality refrigerated van. With the Ford Transit option, you are sure to go further, easily transporting refrigerated or frozen goods around Sydney or anywhere else in the country.

LDV Automotive

LDV Automotive
With its great specs, LDV Automotive maintains quality and freshness of goods with its fibreglass finish and premium van refrigeration system. We at Transair specifically tailor the vehicle to keep the refrigeration system from freezing over and providing additional, added protection for cargo compartments during transit.

Hyundai I Load

Hyundai I Load
Another option is the Hyundai I Load. It can accommodate all agricultural and livestock goods, dairy products, even delicate pastries. In addition, it is built with stainless steel flooring that resists corrosion and the temperature can be set to any customised temperature, as low as -18°C.

Iveco Daily

Iveco Daily
Noted for its sheer size, Iveco Daily is a top choice for greater transportation demands as it can handle high loads of frozen goods. If you are looking for a large refrigeration van for sizable delivery, this is the most efficient and economical choice.

VW Crafter

VW Crafter
Saving the need for multiple trips, the Volkswagen Crafter is a large refrigerated van which is also economical with its fuel expenditure. The VW maintains a very large capacity for refrigerated and frozen goods, and doesn’t compromise on quality.


refrigerated vans
One of the largest manufacturers of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Renault has a strong reputation around the quality of its vehicles. These custom converted refrigerated vans are well designed, accommodate a large supply of goods and benefit from high quality and reliable Renault manufacturing, which we elevate with our quality custom work.

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