Large Truck Refrigeration Installation

Large Refrigerated Truck 39 to 71 cubic metres 20 pallet capacity

Reliable temperature-controlled trucks play an essential role in ensuring the freshness and safety of your perishable goods when transporting them across the country. 

These trucks keep your cargo at its optimum climate throughout its journey. 

We specialise in the supply of Large truck refrigerated units across NSW, including all custom design configurations needed to maximize your trucks capacity. For years, our transport refrigeration equipment has been known for its reliability, fast pull-down in temperatures, high refrigeration wattage, and functionality.

Our Large Truck configurations come with the following refrigeration specifications:

  • Off-Engine drive and diesel configurations
  • Our off-engine drive solutions produce no emissions and offer fuel economy.
  • Swash plate and scroll compressor technologies
  • Electric standby option is available.
  • Quiet operation
  • Slim line or cubic evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast pull-down and recovery times upon doors opening
  • Programmable defrost cycles
  • All coils in the truck refrigeration system are corrosion resistant

Our refrigerated units are specifically built to play a huge role in today’s economic and large-scale transport market. They have been used for the transportation of frozen food in a refrigerated vehicle, dairy products in a milk transport vehicle, vegetables and fruits in a fresh goods transport vehicle, and the vaccine market to ensure that they remain safe and effective.




We specialize in insulation and refrigerated truck service for the following

Isuzu Refrigerated Truck

In terms of truck refrigeration, nothing is more street-smart than Isuzu. It has long dominated the lanes of Australia and has been leading the large refrigerated truck & transport delivery service of many businesses around the country.


Hino Refrigeration Installation
Hino has been consistently improving their vehicle quality by upgrading their trucks to improve fuel efficiency and engine noise levels. No wonder Hino maintains its position as a leading safety, powerful transportation vehicle. Contact our Installation experts today!


Mitsubishi refrigerated truck
Mitsubishi has long made dependable vehicles, trusted for their ultra-efficient advanced engines. They have become an essential part of the community for delivering goods and services. These ready for work trucks won’t disappoint.

Our technical experts can help with hassle-free Truck Refrigeration Installation. Feel free to connect with us today via email or call us at (02) 9725-5122.