Ute Refrigeration Installation

Refrigerated Ute Specialist

Refrigerated utes have become an efficient mode of transport for the distribution and delivery of fresh produce and perishable goods around the country. They are customisable, thermally-efficient, and purposely designed for multiple functions in order to keep your deliveries in top condition.

To maintain the quality of your products while in transit, we offer a wide range of refrigerated utes that are made to suit any business needs. We specialise in the supply of high quality refrigerated utes including all custom design configuration needed to keep your products fresh and frozen.  All of our freezer utes use lightweight and highly durable insulation materials that are built to maintain quality.

Planning to convert your utes into freezer utes? Our team of experts will provide you with all the transport solutions needed for your specific requirements. Our ute configurations include:

  • Thermally insulated truck body
  • Direct drive compressors
  •  Scroll compressor technologies
  • Electric standby options
  • Chiller or freezer specifications
  • Slim line evaporators
  • Cubic evaporators
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fast pull down and recovery
  • All condensing and evaporator coils are resistant to corrosion

We take pride in our ute refrigeration and installation services as our experts have meticulously designed systems that would perfectly fit the needs of any client. They have carefully calculated the components needed in order to provide the required temperature for your fresh, frozen, and deep frozen products without compromising the vehicle’s fuel consumption performance.




We specialise in the insulation & refrigeration of all ute vehicles, ensuring each refrigerated ute meets your specific transport needs:

Isuzu Refrigerated Ute

Nothing beats the ultimate vehicle workhorse of Australia for refrigerated transport. Isuzu is known for its strength in off-road and easy navigation, despite the city traffic. It can smoothly transport up to 700kg of produce and comes with a 3.0-litre diesel engine, automatic, single cab chassis. With our team of experts, we work together to make this freezer ute perfectly suited for your business needs.

Toyota Refrigerated Ute

Toyota is one of the industry’s top choices for refrigerated utes. These vehicles are known to be outstanding, efficient and robust in the field. Partnered with our refrigeration installation, it’s the perfect choice for transporting smaller loads paired with the demands of city driving

Mazda Refrigerated Ute

Mazda ute vehicles have been in the transport industry for decades. It is one of leading vehicles in the field which we have converted into temperature controlled vehicles owing to its outstanding performance, working efficiency and keeping delivery contents in optimum  condition.




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